Book donations – and opening times

Since well before the Tree House opened, there has been fantastic response in terms of donations of books.  The books keep coming, and I am truly and deeply grateful for the generosity of so many people in and around Kenilworth (and in some cases well beyond!).  However, I am now at the stage where there are so many books to unpack and sort that it is becoming an impossible task, as books are coming in much faster than I can get them onto the shelves.

So reluctantly I think I need to say that I can’t take any further donations for a while, especially as the future of the shop is uncertain (though I am sure it will continue in some form).  The reach of this blog is limited, but it’s a start!  It’s hard to turn books away, and to pass up what might be some very good donations, but I am on the verge of disappearing under unpacked boxes.

There are a small number of exceptions.  I am always keen to receive quality (literary) fiction, history, art history, poetry, travel writing (ie literary travel books) and nature writing.  These are always in short supply.

I will no doubt let you know when we start to run out of stock!

Opening hours have to be a bit flexible at the moment.  The shop is officially open from 10am to 5pm, Wednesday to Saturday, but my health is not good at the moment, and there may be times when I have to open late or close early.  I will also need to find some sort of contingency plan for Thursdays before too long, as I won’t be able to be here on Thursdays from the start of October and throughout the university term.

I am still looking for a long-term solution as I can’t continue to run the shop on my own, but for the time being the shop is open.

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