Friday, films and worshipping trees

Confirmation that the bookshop will be closed today (Friday 23rd), as I have a medical appointment and there is no one to hold the fort.  We will be open again on Saturday.

It is likely that the wiring for speakers and projection equipment will be done by the end of next week; I just need to find a projector either that we can borrow for a while or that we can buy inexpensively and then we will be able to start showing films in the evenings.


The shop has a new window graphic – it still has the Job Centre sign to confuse everyone, but in due course I hope to cover that up or replace it with a Tree House one.  Here is a photo taken by a friend when the window graphic had just been installed – click on it to make it bigger.  I think it looks wonderful. One little girl looked at it and said, ‘Oh, there’s a picture of a tree and a girl praying to it!’  I like the idea of confusing reading with praying to a tree.

I apologise for closing the shop from time to time – it’s been a bumpy opening ride, and until I find someone else to help me run the project (assuming that I do…), it will continue to need a level of flexibility in terms of some of the practicalities.

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