Dear Bob…

I will be in the shop today, hopefully from 10am though I may be late, and will stay open as long as I can.  I won’t be offering tea and coffee, I am afraid, as I need to focus on sorting other things out, and the layout of the shop makes the serving of hot drinks tricky.  It’s a compromise, but I’ll never forgive myself if I don’t keep trying.  I need to get books on shelves – the right books on shelves – and that is the priority.

I am still hoping to find someone to take it over, or at least to come in as a business partner (no money in it yet), as I have realised I simply can’t run it on my own.  I have some excellent help, but need daily help of various kinds if the venture is to succeed.

Thank you for supportive messages, on top of all the other support I’ve received over the weeks.

I’ve been listening to the pre-release of the new record in the bootleg series from Bob Dylan, hence the strength to take another step.


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