Haddo at the Tree House Bookshop

We had a truly outstanding gig at the Tree House on Friday night.  Folk duo Haddo (husband and wife Will and Nicky Pound) were just fabulous.  Two wonderful musicians and very lovely, engaging people – it was such a pleasure to host this event.  And as if their usual stuff wasn’t good enough, they played some new material for the first time and even gave first outing to a new departure for them – they usually play instrumental music, but Nicky has decided she will sometimes sing as well, so we had the first ever public performance of Nicky singing with Haddo.  A premiere for the Tree House Bookshop!

I failed to get decent photographs, being at the back and still not knowing, after several years, how to use my camera properly, but I quite like the blurry effects!  They give something of the dynamism of live performance (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!).



Nicky singing

















So a great night, thank you to everyone who came, and I do hope we will have Haddo back in the future for those who weren’t able to make it.  Recordings do no justice to the power and sheer pleasure of the live performance.

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