A break and then a final push

Gill Sans poster (2)I am about to go away for a week – a summer school teaching commitment set up before the Tree House was even thought of, which is a reminder to me of how quickly things have developed!  So the bookshop will not be accessible from 12-20 July inclusive, though one or two friends may be calling in to do a bit more work on getting things set up.

But when I am back on Monday 22nd, I will have four days until the bookshop officially opens…  If anyone is able to call in and do a bit of tidying or shelving or hoovering or anything else that might need doing, please do just drop by!  I’ll aim to be there from 9am each day until 5pm, possibly a bit later.

Don’t forget our opening evening shindig – Friday 26 July, 7.30pm, storytelling and jazz.  No charge for entry (though I will offer a gentle plea for donations to the cause!), and bring your own drinks if you like – we aim to have glasses (or paper cups at least!) and corkscrews to hand, but that’s still on the list of things to organise!

Look forward to seeing some of you then.  If you’re a Kenilworth Weekly News reader, you may see a short piece about our progress in this Friday’s KWN.

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