Friday 26 July – ready or not

Gill Sans poster (2)The official opening day for The Tree House is now set for Friday 26 July.  Not sure if we’ll be entirely ready by then, but we’re going to open anyway…  As long as we have books on shelves and a body to unlock the doors and welcome people in, there’s no point in delaying any longer.  We might even try to sell the odd book!

The mayor is due to open the shop, but if she is not free that morning, we will have an official opening when she can be there – but the doors will open for trading at 9.30am.  The shop will be open Tuesday to Saturday, 9.30am to 5.30pm, closed on Sunday and Monday – I hope to extend those hours eventually, but that’s where we will start.

Availability of tea and coffee still needs to be sorted out, as do a few other details, but we will have books, places to sit and a programme of evening events – all we need to get started.  Do spread the word, share on Facebook, retweet, or just be radical and simply tell your friends and colleagues about it.

The Tree House is at heart a second-hand bookshop; that is its reason for being.  Around that we are planning to use the physical shop as a space to bring people together in various ways.  We hope eventually to make a profit, and when we do, those profits will be given to local charities and community events.  The overheads – which are reasonably substantial – will include a wage for me as full-time manager, and hopefully in due course will include wages for a couple of members of part-time staff, to keep it all running smoothly.  None of us are planning to make millions out of it, it is intended as a means of supporting the community both financially and in other ways, but it is also to be my full-time job.

Our first evening event is the celebration mentioned previously, an evening of storytelling and jazz on opening day, Friday 26 July from 7.30pm to 10pm (if you click on that link, there is a taster of the fabulous jazz band who will be playing).  This is free of charge, but there will be a limit on how many people we can get in the shop!  And any donations on the night towards costs and start-up funds will be graciously and willingly received – though the main thing is that people enjoy themselves.  I’ll put up a poster about it here very soon, and there are details on the Tree House Facebook page (which you can view even if you are not on Facebook) and on the website.

I am away teaching in Oxford from 13-20 July, so that gives me about two weeks to get it all shipshape…what larks, Pip!

[NB – this post has been edited to avoid confusion – I had posted an opening date which has since changed!]

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