A few people The Tree House needs…

Here are a few things I need for The Tree House…any suggestions very welcome!

A plumber

A handyman – someone who can wield a drill and do some bits of DIY

Someone to paint a sign to go over the door – I have metal plates that fit (from previous tenant)

Someone to collect some furniture, soon

I can find all these things in Yellow Pages and elsewhere, I know, but it’s good to get recommendations, and to find people who won’t charge the earth.  Of course I’m happy to pay going rates, but it’s all such a minefield, and I thought I’d ask in case anyone could give me some contacts!

Thank you so much to all those who have donated books, furniture and time so far – you have been amazing.  It’s all beginning to take shape – still some furniture to be removed from the shop, but hoping we will soon have all the space available.  I still need bookcases, or bits of furniture to act as book displays, but am going to the Lions store on Saturday, otherwise will buy more cheap bookcases until we can afford something a bit more robust.

Please let me know if you can help with any of the above – nothing major needs doing, just a few things to tidy up and check.  Thank you!

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