The electric screwdriver is recharging…this is a slightly boring blog post

Gill Sans poster (2)Tomorrow (Saturday 22 June) I am having a day in the shop with some volunteers (perhaps!), and am hoping to put together a few more flatpack bookcases and start to plan where to put them – some will obviously go round the walls, but am starting to think about how to divide up the central space too.  A couple more bits of furniture were brought in today, a lot more books were stamped, and it’s all gradually taking shape – though still quite a way to go.

I have no idea who might turn up tomorrow, if anyone other than one person who has promised to be there, so we’ll see!  But any progress is good, and we are making some each day.

If you want to help out tomorrow, do just come along to the shop – I’ll be there from about 9am to about 3pm.  If all goes to plan this evening, there will be cake!

I also need a plumber – if anyone local can recommend a reliable and not-too-expensive plumber, do let me know!  Just a couple of leaks that need checking, and a wall-mounted water heater that may or may not work.  I probably just haven’t found the right switch for it!

Plus anyone handy with a drill, to help fix bookcases to the wall, would be a welcome addition to the Tree House fold.

Anyway, off to make a cake and read and edit an online course someone is writing on Impressionism – the work that actually pays me money still needs doing!


2 thoughts on “The electric screwdriver is recharging…this is a slightly boring blog post

  1. Vistoria, I looked inat the shop this pm but no luck. I will sort out some books for you later. Regarding your openin g, I suggest you try Pat Cain, wwho is notable as a JP, chairman of the Kenilworth Society abd member of the U3A. She is well known for the press and to many others and would do much to get cyou off to a good start.

    Any news on Will Pund and his harmonica? Regards Roy Coxhead


  2. Sorry I missed you, Roy – I am usually there until about 4pm (Tuesday to Saturday), but do sometimes have to pop out for something.

    The mayor is going to open the shop – thanks for the suggestion though! I must get in touch with Pat, you have mentioned her before. It will all be much easier when I have phone and internet in the shop, which should happen this week.

    No response from Will, but will get him and his wife to come another time – have booked a wonderful jazz band instead! More details soon.


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