Planning a celebration

Gill Sans poster (2)Things are progressing at 5-7 Abbey End – anyone who has been past and looked through the window may have seen the piles of books growing, sofa arriving, kettle installed (essential!), a few posters in the window, furniture that has been there on show gradually disappearing…

I have some shelving arriving on Friday, some help with cleaning on Saturday, some help the following Saturday hopefully with putting the shelves together!  Then it will be easier to see how soon I will be able to open the shop.

I am planning a celebratory event on Friday 26 July, or possibly Saturday 27 July – put the date in your diaries!  Currently favouring the Friday, but it depends on who I can book to perform.  I have found a storyteller (for adults – I love storytelling for adults), am investigating some live music, and generally putting some plans together.  It will be a ticketed event, a fundraiser as well as a celebration, and hopefully a lovely evening.

It is Warwick Folk weekend, and as the musicians I am trying to get are folky types that might mean bad timing…but we’ll see!  I am sure we can find some good entertainment.

Anyway, look out for further updates!  And if you fancy lending a hand either this Saturday or next (15th and 22nd June), do just drop into the shop.  There will be other opportunities – sorting books, no doubt more cleaning, moving furniture about, etc – will quite possibly have another working party day on 29th June, and will in any case be in the shop most days sorting things and setting up.  Can be there in the evening too if that’s better than a Saturday!

Interest is growing, which can only be a good thing, and I’m starting to think about events and activities, for adults and children, and have some volunteers lined up for things like reading stories as well as helping in the shop.  If you’d like to be involved in any capacity, do let me know, if you haven’t already.  And if you wish to donate books, DVDs, CDs, vinyl records, do bring them to the shop – I am not there all the time, but you can either email me to check, or if you bring them and I am not there, the lovely chap at Town & Country Furniture next door is happy to take things in for me.

And if anyone can recommend a local company that makes and installs shop fascia signs, please let me know!

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