Simple twists of fate

tree house bag designWhat a week!  All sorts of ups and downs.  But the main thing is that I am moving the Tree House into it’s new home tomorrow, 10 June, and then the real fun can start.  I have a couple of working party days lined up to get things ship-shape – if you are in Kenilworth on the next three Saturdays and at a loose end, do come and give us a hand!  Especially on Saturday 22 June, when I hope to have bookcases to put together and fix to the walls.

One of the sort-of downs is that the Film Club,which has been running at the Kenilworth Centre, has not been making anywhere near enough money to cover the fairly high costs of renting the venue, so I have decided to put that on hold until we are in our new shop, where there is space to show films, and some comfortable seating is on its way!  (Any unwanted but still usable armchairs still gratefully received!)  It was worth a try, and a good time was had, just doesn’t seem a good use of precious Tree House funds to keep it going at a significant loss, but not too long, I hope, before we can resurrect it.

The mystery of the stolen books has been resolved, just about – I now know where the books an my new trolley are, and it seems it was a case of a misguided Samaritan thinking they had been left there unwanted and giving them to a charity shop.  I will probably get some of them back – would also love the trolley back, if only to move the books currently in my flat to the new premises – happy to share!

Still a bumpy ride in terms of setting up the business side of things, with a few more bumps to come I’m sure, but one thing I will say about this project is that it has never stopped moving forwards!  Since a friend and I first discussed it back in the autumn, the momentum has kept going, and here I am about eight months later moving into premises and on the brink of opening the shop.  Wow.

A few of us sat last night and watched James Stewart in Mr Smith Goes to Washington showing that ordinary individuals can make a difference – it felt like an endorsement!  Abbey End is not quite the US Senate, and I am not heroic as Jefferson Smith was in the film, but I hope we will make a small contribution in our little corner of the world.  Here are the closing lines from Warwickshire-born George Eliot’s great masterpiece Middlemarch, my favourite novel and some of my favourite lines in literature:

‘For the growing good of the world is partly dependent on unheroic acts; and that things are not so ill with you and me as they might have been, is half owing to the number who lived faithfully a hidden life, and rest in unvisited tombs.’

1 thought on “Simple twists of fate

  1. In honour of your moving in tomorrow I am reading the World Book Night Book I was given (Rose Tremain The Road Home) tonight accompanied by my 50th birthday CDs instead of watching telly


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