Here Comes Everyone – an evening of music and poetry

I have mentioned Here Comes Everyone on these pages before.  It’s an online community for writers – a magazine (published in hard copy too) and an online network for those who write poetry, fiction and articles.  It’s run by Silhouette Press, and is a very good thing.

They are holding an event on Saturday 29 June at Taylor John’s House in Coventry – an evening of music and poetry with a bar and lots of general grooviness.  Details on their Facebook page (you can access this even if you are not on Facebook).

Should be a great evening, and a great way to support an excellent creative venture in the Coventry/Warwickshire area (life – or at least typing – was simpler when Coventry was still in Warwickshire!).

We are planning to sell copies of the Here Comes Everyone magazine in the Tree House when we open.



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