Love and Theft

tree house bag designThe last 24 hours have been an emotional rollercoaster at Tree House HQ!

I have been storing some of my books under the communal stairs where I live – packed in boxes and tucked away – this was mainly to make getting them to market easier.  Yesterday the whole lot disappeared, along with a trolley – presumed stolen.  Probably about 300 books, though that’s a guess.  I was heartbroken, needless to say, even though I knew it was a risk; the building should be secure, though the door does sometimes get left open, and various people do come in and out.

I had just heard about that (I was at work) when an email came through with the tenancy agreement for the shop attached – one minor detail to change, which this morning the landlord has said is fine, but I should now be able to sign it very soon.  Tenancy due to start on 10 June – that’s Monday!

In the wake of the disappearance of the books, a friend called on all her Facebook friends in Kenilworth, and I now have the promise of lots more books…truly community in action.  I have decided not to bother the police or do anything further; last night I was mostly upset about the theft, this morning I am mostly excited about the lease!

I have also been offered lots of furniture for the shop, and a few people have volunteered their time when the shop opens, so there are definitely more positives to focus on than negatives.

But if you do see someone selling books at a car boot sale, and the books have this stamp in the front:

The Tree House Bookshop stamp

…do take a note of the car registration details and let me know!  Would love to know where they are…

And hey…I have a shop!  It’s the former Cats Protection shop at Abbey End – fantastic location, lovely big space for events, and while it’s a temporary lease due to the fact that the site is going to be redeveloped at some point, it’s perfect as a starting place for the Tree House.  Could be there six months, could be there longer!  I have a one-year lease in the first instance, subject to notice when the redevelopment goes ahead.

That has to be something worth focusing on – I’m angry and upset about the disappearance of my books (and my new trolley!), but the excitement about moving forwards is much stronger!  And I’m glad I hadn’t moved any more stock downstairs – suddenly weeks of tripping over boxes and bags and living in general chaos doesn’t seem so bad…

(The blog post title is a Bob Dylan album title, in case you were wondering!)

3 thoughts on “Love and Theft

  1. Victoria,, D refuel news, but I expect more books will be forthcoming. You must tell the police though – they are on duty at the market tomorrow – Roy


  2. Oh E/V what a shame. Do report the lost books the perpetrators deserve to be punished. The only consolation is that may bring in yet more community support.
    Other than that as soon as you have opened I’m really looking forward to visiting Kenilworth and your shop and will bring books when we come. Brenda.


  3. Thank you both! I ought to tell the police, I know. And I have already been offered more books, and several more people now know about the Tree House, so there is a silver lining!


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