tree house bag designAs the time gets closer for my move into premises, and then the grand opening, I will be looking for volunteers to help out at the Tree House.  I have already been on the scrounge for fixtures and fittings and for stock, now I want your bodies too!  There is no end to my rapaciousness.

I am planning to open the shop five days a week at the start, Tuesday to Saturday (closed Sunday, Monday).  Ultimately I’d love to open seven days, but will see how it goes!  I have paid employment (very part time) elsewhere which I need to keep for now, and that involves Sunday and Monday evenings, so it makes sense to close on those days.  I am hoping to be able to draw a wage in time, but am planning to work for nothing as it becomes established, unless it takes off immediately!  I want to make it my full-time work, but we’ll see how it goes.

So at the start at least, I can’t afford to employ people (not even myself!), but would love some help.  Ideally I would like a few people who could spare some time to work in the shop (even just an hour here and there), to help with the Film Club on the night (setting up, making tea and coffee, collecting subs, etc) and other events that I am planning to have, to read stories to children, to hand out flyers in the street, to sort books, and more.  It’s a community venture, for the community but that also means, I hope, *by* the community!  Would love lots of people to be involved.

Although I can’t pay you, there are other benefits I can give to volunteers – film club membership, tickets to events, books, etc – will think of ways to repay your time!  But I hope it will also be a fun place to be and just join in with.

So if you feel you can offer a bit of time and enthusiasm (I would like people who are enthusiastic about books, primarily, and literary things, and about the project as a whole), do get in touch.  Also if you have events you could offer, I’d love to hear from you – talks, workshops, literary events of one kind or another, acoustic music events – I have a few offers of things already, but there’s lots of scope for all sorts of things.  If you are not local but are prepared to travel to Kenilworth, that’s great!  If you have agents, send me their details.

I would particularly love to hear from storytellers – for children or adults – I’d love to have some storytelling sessions fairly regularly (as well as story and other literary readings, which are different!).  I have not quite got access to the shop, so don’t want to tempt fate, but should get it very soon – I have unofficial access! – and it is a nice open space, lots of potential.

Let’s make this happen!

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