tree house bag designOne thing I didn’t mention in my last blog post, about what will be needed in the shop – books, of course!  We will always need books – of any kind, for any age, any books at all.  I want the shop to have as broad and deep a stock as we can muster.  I am always very happy to take donations, of course, but if you have more precious things that you would prefer to sell, do get in touch as well.

I have already been given lots of books, and have more donations waiting in the wings for when I have access to the shop premises, and it’s been great looking through the donations so far.  Lovely old hardbacks, of the kind you just don’t see any more, Latin and Greek literature, some really interesting little finds – a couple of copies of Folktales of the West Midlands, which I’ll be reading before adding to stock!  And a pile of pre-decimal Ladybird books, which I loved so much as a (pre-decimal) child.  I have people who are waiting to give me collections of books due to moving or downsizing, or from loved ones who have died and want their books to go to a good home or cause.  It’s all wonderful, seeing people’s lives through books and it’s part of what makes second-hand books such wonderful things.

If any students are reading this blog, student textbooks are always welcome – I know in some subject areas things go out of date quickly, new editions are published each year, but even recent editions may be useful for when the library copies are out on loan and heavy with hold requests!  So do bring your course books, and also bear us in mind if you are looking for second-hand copies of texts to buy.  We hope to get more involved with the student community generally – as a venue for things like poetry evenings, small drama events or acoustic music events, anything similar that may be of interest.  I work a few hours a week at the university, so do get in touch if you would like to find out more or discuss anything.

So if you have any books you are planning to get rid of – from a couple of paperback novels to a no-longer-wanted library, do consider the Tree House.  I can arrange collection if you are unable to bring your books to the shop (the shop to which I hope to have access very soon!).

I am hoping that people will treat the Tree House as a kind of personal library – you can come, sit and read the books, buy a book or two, and bring them back when you’ve read them – bringing back books with Tree House stamps in them will give you a discount on future purchases.

It’s getting closer to becoming reality…I just can’t wait!

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