On the scrounge!

TreeHouselogo copyHaven’t posted anything here for a few days, so this is just an update.  I am still, of course, hugely excited at the prospect of my own premises!  Hope to have the lease sorted and signed very soon, and I’ve already been making lots of plans, though am wary of tempting fate – until it’s signed and I have the keys, I’ll be worrying that something might still go wrong…

There are lots of fittings and furnishings I’ll need, and am looking around for these, but also thought it was worth putting the word out in case anyone has items  they would donate or things they may want to sell at a reasonable price – you never know what’s out there lying around unwanted!  These are some of the things we’ll need:

– bookcases (any size) and/or shelves
– tables
– chairs (desk or dining type – also folding chairs)
– armchairs (or other comfortable chairs) and sofas
– old crockery (mismatched is good, any cups, saucers or plates)
– lamps – standard lamps, desk lamps
– picture frames
– book stands
– bookends
– vases, or vessels that could be used as such (any size)
– cafetieres (plunger type) and teapots

I would also love a piano!  One that could be used for small concerts as well as having sing-songs, which I thought would be fun!  Happy to get it tuned, but if anyone can help at all with a piano, do let me know.

The Film Club continues on Saturday evenings – next one is Saturday 8 June, and the film is Mr Smith Goes to Washington, Frank Capra’s classic starring the great James Stewart. The website has more details – the website is also looking prettier than ever, so do pay a visit if you haven’t already.  You can also spread the word by sharing links from there on Facebook and Twitter.

I will soon be handing out flyers, for the shop and the film club and the £1 campaign, in the town centre, and finding places around the town to put them, in the hope of increasing advertising a bit.  If you can spread the word among friends and colleagues, that would be wonderful.

The email address if you want to get in touch is victoria@treehousebookshop.co.uk.

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