This week

This week I should hear whether I have secured the premises I mentioned in my last post.  But to avoid dwelling on that (I hate waiting!), I am focusing on other things that will be happening this week.

The Tree House will be at Kenilworth market again this week, Thursday 23 May.  Market officially starts at 9am, but I’ll be there earlier.  I will have mugs (£7) and magnets (£1.50) to sell, and also a stock of Film Club membership cards, so you can sign up to the Film Club if you’d like to – a £5 joining fee, then £3 per film on the night, including tea or coffee – can’t say fairer than that.  Cheap night out in Kenilworth!  You can join at any time, on the night or at the market stall, through the website or the Film Club tab here – both places have a contact form.

Which leads neatly to the fact that the next Film Club meeting is on Saturday (25 May) at the Kenilworth Centre.  Doors open at 7pm, film starts at 7.30.  This week’s film is Wonder Boys – chosen mainly because it has a theme song by Bob Dylan, the official video for the song has Bob interacting with scenes from the film:

…and Bob’s birthday is on Friday (24th), so it’s a homage to him.  I considered other films where Bob is more central – Masked and Anonymous, I’m Not There, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid…all wonderful films, but perhaps not as wonderful to those of you who for some strange reason are not fans of the great man as they are to me.  Wonder Boys, however, should have much broader appeal. It’s based on an excellent novel of the same name by Michael Chabon, and centres around a writer and English professor played by Michael Douglas trying to finish a novel he has been writing for several years and is still nowhere near finished.  His agent (Robert Downey Jr), two of his students (Tobey Maguire and Katie Holmes), the woman he loves (Frances McDormand) and a colleague’s dog all contribute to a weekend that threatens to spiral out of control.  It’s more fun than it might sound from that inadequate summary, it’s a bit eccentric (well, several of the characters are) but it’s mainly a lovely film, with excellent performances, especially from Douglas and Maguire.  Here’s a trailer:

And it has a janitor who listens to Bob Dylan on his iPod while he mops the floor, and sings along…happy 72nd birthday, Bob!

So maybe I’ll see a few of you at one or other of these events.  And I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything about those premises…

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