Here Comes Everyone

treehouselogo-copy6.pngI want to use the blog today to mention an excellent new online arts publishing venture.

Here Comes Everyone, founded in 2012, is an online network and magazine for those in, or interested in, the arts.  The founders and editors are Warwickshire-based, and are trying to connect those working in the creative arts, including writing and publishing, and giving them/us an online place to submit work and engage with the work of others.

Gary and Adam, the founders, are hoping to produce hard copies of the magazine, and if/when they do, we will be selling them at the Tree House.  This is a great venture, which ties in very well with what I am hoping to do – my plans are to use a physical space, theirs to use an online space, and these two things go hand in hand in our contemporary world.

It’s also great to find out who is doing what, to read articles, stories and poems by people who haven’t found a published platform elsewhere, and to think about the arts and connections between them.

It’s part of Silhouette Press which Gary and Adam run as a not-for-profit company (something else the Tree House shares!), and it’s great to see this sort of project taking off.  I have linked above to the About page, but you can read current and past issues of the magazine on their website – definitely worth exploring!  The issues have themes – the latest issue is Dinosaurs – the previous one was Colour – the forthcoming one is Prophecy.

This is a lovely and exciting venture; do go to their website to find out more.  I hope we can continue to support each other as things develop both for HCE and the Tree House!

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