The right direction

mier_prod-1 (2)There have been a few practical developments in the last day or so.  Well, developments may be a more exciting word than is strictly required…but a few more reasons for optimism, at least!

I am going to be able to store my boxes of books under the communal stairs where I live, which will make a huge difference on market day.  It’s exhausting moving books around, so the less moving I (and my next door neighbour!) have to do, the better.  That makes the market stall more viable – I have been thinking of giving it up, but this does change things.

There are also a couple more very vague leads regarding premises – temporary ones in all instances, but it would be wonderful even to have somewhere for a few months, just to get started and to prove that the business will support itself.

I also have new merchandise to sell – some mugs and fridge magnets with the Tree House logo on – and some membership cards for the Film Club plus new business cards. All look excellent, and the mugs have arrived packed in individual boxes, which is great!  I have ordered cotton bags too, but they will take a bit longer.

So all small things, but moving in the right direction.  I need these regular, small energy boosts!

I have also slightly redesigned the website, still not sure about it – design is not my forte…but I like the cleaner, less cluttered homepage.  And there is space for an address when I finally get one!  Let me know what you think, and how good navigation, legibility and other practical issues are.

No market stall this week – will be back there next week, Thursday 23rd May.  Next Film Club night two days later on the 25th.

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