Good times for the Tree House

treehouselogo-copy6.pngYesterday was a great day for the Tree House.

Firstly, the PleaseFund.Us crowdfunding campaign came to an end, and I am thrilled to report that it raised £1180 for the Tree House.  Fabulous!

Secondly, I had a stall at the street fair as part of the Kenilworth Festival, and used it primarily as a means of telling people about the project.  I did take a few books, and a number were sold – good to know that there are several people in Kenilworth interested in Greek and Latin literature, as I have a few books in that category that I can see will sell!

But it was mostly a great opportunity to tell people about the project, give out flyers, and gauge interest.  Lots of people were enthusiastic, and I had a little bucket for the £1 Campaign, and took nearly £70 – again, fabulous!  Plus lots of leads and ideas for the future, and an important sense that people in Kenilworth are getting to know about it, and that there is a lot of positive feeling towards the project.

Thirdly, I launched the Tree House Film Club in the evening at the Kenilworth Centre.  About 20 people came, and we watched The Big Chill – it was a fun evening.  Free this time, but I hope it will raise a little more money for the Tree House from next time.  Next meeting is 25 May – see the Film Club tab here and on the Tree House website for more information and details about joining.

The night ended with a beer in the company of friends and new acquaintances, which was the perfect end to an exhausting but very positive day.  Many thanks to all who came to either event yesterday – it feels as though the Tree House is beginning to make its way towards being a community venture.

We just need premises…then there will be no stopping us!

2 thoughts on “Good times for the Tree House

  1. Good to hear about the progress you are making. I am nowhere near Kenilworth but do like to follow your project, I just we had a similar community venture. Good luck with your searth for a permanent home.


    • Thank you Wendy! I’d love to think I’d have a permanent home for the Tree House by Christmas…it would make such a huge difference to the whole project.


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