Long but exciting day ahead!

Today in chronological order:

Lots of coffee – that part’s nearly done, to the accompaniment of this:


Stall at the street fair on Warwick Road – mostly focusing on telling people about the project and the £1 Campaign for the Tree House, but I will have a few books with me.

End of the PleaseFund.Us campaign – £1180 raised so far, brilliant – 10.05am is the deadline for any further pledges!

Street fair continues all the while.

Lots of tea.

Launch of the Tree House Film Club at the Kenilworth Centre – chilling out with The Big Chill.  Exciting.

Big glass of wine.


You can join me for any of this except the very last part.  Unless you are Nick Cave.

1 thought on “Long but exciting day ahead!

  1. Am now at the ‘lots of tea’ stage, but the tea has magically turned itself into a glass of wine. Didn’t even need Jesus to do it. Miraculous!


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