Time to Chill

Busy week for the Tree House – so I am looking forward to tomorrow evening, which is part of the busy-ness but will also be a chance to sit and watch a groovy film in the company of friends, supporters and as yet unmet local people.  The launch of the Tree House Film Club has finally arrived – and we start with a free showing of the 1983 Lawrence Kasdan film The Big Chill (cert.15).  Look at these friendly, smiling faces waiting to welcome you…

big chill

This is an exciting step in the development of the Tree House – if you’re in or near Kenilworth and at a loose end, do come and help us celebrate!  7.15 start – in the meantime, see the Tree House website for more details of the club, subscriptions, etc.

During the day, I will also have a stall at the street fair on Warwick Road – you can pick up a flyer about the Film Club there, donate to the £1 Campaign, fill in a card with a couple of sentences about a book you’ve enjoyed, find out more about the Tree House, just say hello.  Or if you want to be radical, you could even buy a book!  We now have a few DVDs too – possibly even some CDs.

The banner for the market stall had its first outing yesterday, and survived the strong winds – I think it looks fab!

th banner

Didn’t have the best day on the market, but still some excellent conversations with local people, and a few donations to the £1 Campaign, and word about the Tree House is spreading.

Would also like to say a huge, huge thank you to quite a number of people: Lynn (and Roy and Lily), Catherine and Tracey, who brought fresh stock of books and DVDs – wonderful!  Leon, Andrzej and Kate for carrying boxes of books up and down stairs, and to Leon for also helping me pack up the stall. Tricia, who brought me some laminated notices that should withstand the elements a bit better than the feeble bits of paper I’ve been using!  Thank you all, the help is invaluable.

So – I hope local people can come to one of these events tomorrow – but if not, hope to see you at some time!  I have a lead on possible premises – temporary but for a few months, and a great location – please keep your fingers crossed!

But do come and chill out with The Big Chill tomorrow evening if you are free – the film is free too!  Sounds like a date.

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