A few more hours to help!

One other thing I forgot to say – tomorrow is not only Film Club launch, it’s also the end of the PleaseFund.Us campaign that I set up a couple of months ago.  £1,130 has been pledged, which is fantastic!  Thank you so, so much to all my generous backers – you are fabulous.  It’s hard keeping going, but this sort of support keeps me motivated.

But there is still time for pledges, up until 10.05am tomorrow (Saturday 11th May).  The Tree House is still some way from being in a position of strength with regards to securing premises, which is now the only thing between me and world domination…ahem, I mean between me and a fabulous new bookish, fun, endlessly imaginative community venture.

Here’s the video, with the lovely Wilco song to accompany it – there *is* a light! – and if you do feel inspired to make a pledge, follow this link.


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