Sharing the cost…raising funds

treehouselogo-copy6.pngFirstly, a reminder that the Tree House will be at Kenilworth market again tomorrow.  Weather doesn’t sound great…must dig out plastic sheeting!  Could have done with a day like the last couple of days, to bring the crowds out.

I have a new lead on premises, so am keeping my fingers crossed about that – would be temporary (6-9 months), but that would be great, and the council may have decided to give me the bowling pavilion in Abbey Fields by then…!

I have also been taking a look at the financial situation.  I reckon I still need around £9000-10,000 to have a strong start-up fund that long-term landlords will take seriously, and that will enable me to do up any premises I find as well as showing that I have good financial backing.  There is a new government loan scheme I can apply to, and I will, but am also thinking about methods of fundraising.  The crowdfunding scheme through PleaseFund.Us was great, but I don’t think a business like mine will reach a larger target by crowdfunding means.  Could do with a few wealthy people to get behind the project!

I could also do with finding a landlord with a bit of vision, who is prepared to take a risk on an untried business.  I know that’s a lot to ask, especially in the current economic climate, but it’s not as though I am trying not to pay my way – I just need a break to get started, and am fully aware of and geared up for the costs involved.  The market stall is really helping, because the feedback from local people has been so good, and I am hoping that momentum will carry on and engage people in Kenilworth with what I’m trying to do.

If everyone in Kenilworth gave £1, I’d have all the start-up money I need!  That puts it into perspective.  It’s not that I am expecting everyone to give, though I’d love to get some local financial support; but it shows that it’s a relatively manageable task, in business terms, to raise the money I need.  Just need to think of imaginative ways to do that.  And ways to reward, for want of a better word, those who do invest.  There are little rewards, as offered via the PleaseFund.Us site for those who pledge, which make the whole thing a bit more fun for everyone, and make the Tree House a real community venture – but I need to keep thinking of what I can give back to individuals that doesn’t cost more than they give me!  Special deals on books, perhaps, or on film club membership, or free coffee and tea when we get the shop…

But I still need to think of fundraising ideas to bring in a few cash boosts.  Will see what other organisations do.  A sponsored read, perhaps!  If there are businesses out there who would like to offer a little sponsorship, I am sure we could find a way of being mutually beneficial, as well as that sense of contributing to the community.

I can still offer shares at £20 each – get in touch if you are interested.  And let me know if you have any brainwaves for raising funds!

Let’s make this project happen.

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