Busy week for the Tree House

treehouselogo-copy6.pngThere are a few Tree House things coming up this week.  Most excitingly, Saturday night sees the launch of the Tree House Film Club at the Kenilworth Centre – see the separeate tab for details, if you haven’t already.  Doors will in fact be open from 7pm, and there is an event happening all day in the Kenilworth Centre (a street art event, Street Fusion), as part of the Kenilworth Festival, so in fact the building will be open anyway.  There may be a little confusion because of this, but I’ll try to make sure it’s clear where to go for the Film Club – head up the stairs to the first floor, as a start!

I have a provisional programme for the next few films too, which I thought I’d publish.  It is subject to change, but I’ll always let people know in advance what film is showing at the next Club meeting.  If you would like to be put on an email list, do let me know – there is a form on the Film Club tab, or you can just email me at victoria@treehousebookshop.co.uk.

Anyway, the films – click on the titles for more information:

11 May – The Big Chill (as you already know)

25 May – Wonder Boys – a film I love, based on the novel by Michael Chabon, but chosen primarily because 24 May is Bob Dylan’s birthday (72!) and he wrote/sings the theme song for the film, as well as having a song featured at another point in a low-key sort of way.  Did wonder about showing a more Bob-centred film (Don’t Look Back, Masked and Anonymous, I’m Not There, No Direction Home…) but thought it might be too self-indulgent on my part!  He’s my hero, and more.

8 June – Mr Smith Goes to Washington – Jimmy Stewart classic, looking forward to seeing it on a bigger screen!  If you haven’t seen it, you must come – a real treat.

22 June – Anchorman – time for a bit of humour…even a lot of humour.  Crazy film, with so many great one-liners you’ll be quoting it forever (I had an ongoing email correspondence with a friend using quotes from the film after I saw it, great fun!).

Not planning too far ahead at the moment, until I know who might be our regular members and what films they/you may want to see.  You do have to join the Film Club if you want to see these films – that’s so that we comply with the terms of the licence for showing them.

Working backwards…earlier that day the Tree House will have a stall at the street fair on Warwick Road that is part of the Kenilworth Festival.  Think I might be exhausted by the end of Saturday!

And I will also be at Kenilworth market again this Thursday, 9 May.  From now on, books will be individually priced (I had a simplified pricing system on my launch day, to make things easier for everyone and to celebrate the launch!).  As well as selling books, I would love people to fill in a card with a sentence or two about a book they have enjoyed – these will be displayed on the stall.  I will also bring the Tooterphant again, and hope that people – especially children (!) – might want to suggest a name for him.


Please do come and say hello and have a chat if you are out and about in town on either of those days.  I’d love to know more about what people think of the Tree House project generally.  As I keep trying to secure premises, knowing what enthusiasm and support there is (or isn’t!) among local people is very helpful.  So far I’ve had lovely feedback, and met some great people who have all been very encouraging!

OK – back out into the sunshine with my book to enjoy the bank holiday afternoon!  Hope to see local readers at one of these events later in the week.

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