Beautiful shelf!

Two posts in one day – I’m really spoiling you!

I just have to share something beautiful that I ordered when I thought/hoped I would get the premises I applied for.  The Tree House will, as I’ve said, be a homely, humble affair – secondhand furniture, no sweeping mahogany counter but probably a desk with a till on it, mismatched bookshelves, etc.  But I want to offset that with a few choice furnishings that will give it a bit of individuality and character – the artist-designed logo is fabulous, the origami roses are perfect, and now I have a gorgeous craftsman-made shelf, which I will put behind the till area when I have the shop.  It’s made by the company White Dove & Wonder, who make things out of antique shoe lasts – click on the name to see other wonderful things.  I love wood, and shoe lasts are such beautiful, satisfying things.

Not very well photographed, but taken in my out-of-the-box excitement!  Can’t wait to have a shop so that I can show it off properly.

2013-05-01 11.45.28 2013-05-01 11.45.54 2013-05-01 11.46.11

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