treehouselogo-copy6.pngFirstly, a reminder that The Tree House will not be at Kenilworth market today (sadly – it’s a lovely sunny day, would be perfect!).  I will be back next Thursday, 9th May, and fortnightly throughout May and June.  Weekly over the summer after that, if I’m still standing!

I recently ordered a banner for the stall, which will look great next week, and make us easier to find and will help to promote what the venture is about.  As I was ordering it, a few other things were offered with the Tree House logo at a reduced rate, so I ordered a mug, a mousemat (which you’ve seen) and post-it notes.  I received no post-it notes, but two mugs, just part of an order that didn’t go well really…but a better deal, so I’m not complaining!  These are for my own use, but it got me thinking about merchandise – might be a good idea to sell Tree House related things, though perhaps I need to wait until The Tree House is a bit more established!

Anyway, here are the mugs.  Might they sell?    This morning I’ve been offered Banksy coasters from Amazon…not sure Banksy’s dream was for his work to appear on coasters (or maybe Banksy is not an urban guerrilla at all, but a middle-aged houswife with an elaborate business plan), but The Tree House has no such scruples!  Might be a good way to bring in a little more income and advertise The Tree House at the same time.

2013-05-02 07.43.15

2013-05-02 07.40.15

Let me know what you think, and what other items you think might work.  In the meantime, I’m off for a cup of coffee…

4 thoughts on “Merchandise?

  1. In the words of the fabulous Tim Minchin…. canvas bags!! Much stronger than plastic and better for books I find. The Tree House design would look lovely on a bag.


    • Thank you Sarah – great idea! I will source a few manufacturers – the mug supplier I used is a bit expensive, will find some cheaper sources.


      • Have now found a supplier for cotton bags, just waiting on a quote – thanks again, Sarah, would probably have thought of this eventually, but hadn’t so far! It is a great idea, as you say the logo will look great on a bag. Jute bags next…


  2. I have ordered a few mugs to sell – they will be £7 each. They may not arrive in time for next week’s market stall – I wanted to keep postage costs down, so didn’t go for the priority option! But they may…otherwise they will be on the market stall on 23 May.


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