The Tree House Bookshop at Kenilworth Market

treehouselogo-copy6.pngThe Tree House will be at Kenilworth Market again tomorrow – this time with a proper launch!  It was all disastrous last week, for various reasons, but fortunately I’ve been allowed to have another go, and am very much looking forward to it.

I’m well prepared this week, with a few helpers on board and a few new props – here are some of them:

Tree House props


The bag on the top shelf is full of homemade fudge (made by a friend), and I am also making cakes and biscuits, all of which will be given away on the stall – better get there early!  🙂

There is a lot of fiction (from Alistair MacLean to Dostoevsky, Douglas Adams to PD James, and all sorts between and beyond), but also history, children’s books, biographies and some general non-fiction.  I will bring new stock each week, and let people know in advance what sort of stock will be on the stall.

There will also be a chance for young children to enter a draw to name the Tooterphant pictured above – made by another friend, up in the North-East, and posted to me – so kind!  She is in fact someone I have never met, a former student (I tutor online courses in art history) who has kept in touch, so that makes it even kinder.

I will have cards that you can write a sentence or two about a book you have enjoyed.  There will be flyers and information about The Tree House and about the Film Club starting up in a couple of weeks, and the bookmarks you can see on the right in the photo above.

So if you are out and about in Kenilworth between about 9am and about 4pm, please do come and say hello.  If you ever have books to donate, do bring them to the market stall.  After this week, it will be fortnightly for a while, due to another work commitment that I am not able to change, but over the summer I plan to be there weekly.

I have ordered a banner, which is supposed to be delivered today, but hasn’t been yet – there’s still time!  If not, it will be up in a couple of weeks, which will make us easier to find, but it’s not a very big market.  Last week I was right by the bus stop.

Wish me well!  And pray for dry weather…no more soggy books.


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