On the scrounge – little bits and pieces that would be useful

treehouselogo-copy6.pngNow that I am re-energised in terms of setting up the market stall, there are a few things The Tree House needs.  I will be scouring the charity shops for things, but thought it was worth mentioning here (to local people, at least) what little bits and pieces we need, even just to borrow for a bit.

I’d love some of those little single freestanding bookshelves that you used to see but people don’t really have any more – this sort of thing:

Bookends would also be useful.

It would also be great to have any children’s books that people might have been thinking of giving to a charity shop – for all ages, including story books for little children.

Of course I’d love any books at all!  Especially non-fiction – though I always need novels too.

I’m also looking for holders for flyers and bookmarks – again, not difficult to track down, but if people have such things lying around, I’d happily take them off your hands!

After last week’s fiasco, I could also do with clear plastic sheeting, for future rainy days – preferably biggish sheets – the table is 10′ x 4′, and it would be good to have some to hang around the sides as well as to cover the books.

If you are planning to visit Kenilworth market on Thursday (25 April) and alternate Thursdays thereafter, and have anything you feel you’d like to donate, please do just come and find me.  I know I can get hold of all of these things myself, and will look for cheap items, but am on a tight budget and calling on the goodwill of the community!  🙂

I do have a few ideas for the stall, and if the weather is fine (or dry at least!) I will bring a little table and a couple of chairs, and people can sit and read a book or fill in a card about a book they’ve enjoyed reading, or just have a chat.  There will be Tamsin’s homemade fudge and other edible goodies on offer…  Let’s make it happen, and let’s make it fun!

2 thoughts on “On the scrounge – little bits and pieces that would be useful

  1. Hello

    I have some plastic dress covers that come free with the NEXT man, if you cut them open they measure quite big?


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