Bread and roses

treehouselogo-copy6.pngToday is a day for rejoicing.

This project has been an extraordinary experience (and I am sure it will continue to be so – don’t mean to make it sound as though it’s over!).  The ups and downs are in themselves exhausting, but there have been far more ups than downs.  The stress at times is threatening to my wellbeing, and a lot of the time I feel very alone, despite encouragement from all quarters.  But the whole thing has now gathered a momentum of its own, thanks largely to all those encouragers, some of whom have been particularly faithful and generous in their personal support.

But today the fundraising total through the PleaseFund.Us campaign has reached £960 – that means just £40 to go to reach the target (if I don’t reach the target, I don’t get any of the money pledged).  I am a bit overwhelmed.

What really did reduce me to tears was that just after having seen that total, a friend posted a photograph on Facebook of some origami roses she has made from the pages of a fallen-apart paperback – made for me, to decorate my market stall on Thursday.  They are just beautiful…

So I have both bread and roses.  Both are essential to life, and I cannot ask for more!

[Postscript: as I’ve been writing this, the fundraising total has risen to £970…wow.]

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