Lovely new website

treehouselogo-copy6.pngThe Tree House Bookshop now has a website – you can find it here – groovy.

I will be working on it, adding and amending, maybe changing some colours as the mood takes me…new toy to play with!  Content will grow as the project develops.  This blog will continue, but I’ll probably migrate everything to the website eventually.  Or not…I’m quite attached to this blog!

If there is any particular sort of information or other content you’d like to see on the website, just let me know – here, by email or on the site itself (radical).  Hope you enjoy it!

The Tree House email address is now working again.  I am sure you have been bereft without it…

2 thoughts on “Lovely new website

  1. Oh Amanda, I’m sorry – I’ve just clicked on it (both the one in this post and the one at the side of the homepage) and it works fine for me…where does it take you? How strange…


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