The Tree House at Kenilworth Market

treehouselogo-copy6.pngExciting new development – I have just booked a stall for The Tree House Bookshop on Kenilworth market next Thursday (18th April), initially as a one-off, but I plan to make it a permanent thing – permanent until I find indoor premises, at least.  So The Tree House will start trading next week!  Wow.  Better get to work organising books and getting a banner sorted and printing flyers…and praying for a dry day!

Again, the power of Twitter – saw a tweet that Sketts, the market organisers, were looking for stallholders, phoned them up, and within five minutes was booked in.  Fabulous.

Not only a chance to start trading, but a chance to start talking to people about The Tree House as a project, and all the things I’d like to do with it eventually, or even in the meantime.  Maybe sign up a few volunteers!

So if you are in Kenilworth next Thursday, please come and say hello!

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