May the 4th be with you!

treehouselogo-copy6.pngSome positive things happening – the PleaseFund.Us campaign is now up to £570, which is just brilliant, with 38 days still to go to raise the remaining £430.  I’m afraid I will keep plugging it until the target is reached, as if we don’t get the £1000 for the project, all pledges will be cancelled and we don’t get anything!  So do keep spreading the word, on Facebook, Twitter and among any friends and colleagues who might be interested in the project.

The film club is being well received, and a number have said they definitely want to come to the first meeting, so that bodes well.  I realise that the date for the first meeting is May the 4th…perhaps I should be showing the first Star Wars film (the real first one I mean, not the more recent nonsense), to make the most of the date and the event!

The Kenilworth Weekly News has also been in touch to offer to put something in the paper for me, hopefully this week, so that should help get the word out in the town.  Now that the Easter weekend is out of the way, I will work harder on advertising and get in touch with venues where I might be able to hold other events – readings, story afternoons for children, talks, etc.  Plenty of opportunities.

I am still anxious about the bookshop itself, though, which is the heart of what I’m trying to do.  Perhaps it’s no bad thing that the community side of things is proving to be the starting point – in fact perhaps it’s a very good thing!  But I don’t want to lose sight of the bookshop itself, which is the focus of the project.  So I am grateful for further offers of books in the last few days, and very happy to accept them even though I don’t yet have a shop.  These help me to keep motivated and keep believing that the shop will happen eventually!  And I’ll keep singing my theme song

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