Green light for the Tree House Film Club!

treehouselogo-copy6.pngWoohoo!  The Tree House is finally going to be more than ideas and fundraising!  I have the go-ahead now to start a film club in the Kenilworth Centre, which is very exciting.

It will be called The Tree House Film Club, to tie it in with the bookshop project.  There will be a subscription, rather than individual entrance fees, as this complies with licence requirements.  Subs will cover the cost of hiring the venue and beyond that will go into the Tree House Bookshop fund, which is a non-profit business – when it is eventually up and running, the film club will carry on and will help to support the venture, which will give any profits to local charities.  Until then, the film club will be a means of raising both awareness and funds for the project as a whole.

I want to show films that have some level of artistic or significant content – the kind of films we don’t often see on television – including old British classics, foreign language films, Hollywood classics, less commercial films – but also some more popular things, a good variety.  I will set up an initial list, but obviously club members will be able to make their own suggestions as well.

First meeting then: Saturday 4th May, 7.15pm-10pm, the Kenilworth Centre.  The film will be Lawrence Kasdan’s The Big Chill, a personal favourite of mine, and one that doesn’t get shown often (ever?) on television.  Bit dated in some respects (the 1980s really were bad years for hair and fashion, weren’t they?!), but an enjoyable film about friendship and lost ideals, with a great cast at the start of their careers (Kevin Kline, Glenn Close, William Hurt among others), and a fabulous soundtrack.

This first film will be free of charge – an introduction to the club, a chance to come along and find out more about how it will work, the kind of films that will be shown, and any other questions you might have, and decide if you want to join.  Bring your own snacks and drinks (no alcohol).

Do get in touch via victoria @ treehousebookshop . co . uk (without the spaces, of course) if you would like to be put on a mailing list (no commitment to joining the club, just to be kept up to date with developments), or if you would like further information.

Put it in your diary – 7.15pm, Kenilworth Centre, 4th May.  May the 4th indeed be with us…sorry, just had to be done!

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