Plan B

treehouselogo-copy6.pngI may have missed out on my ideal premises, but I am not being idle – just having to think more creatively about how to get this project off the ground.

I have decided to do a few things, to raise both awareness in Kenilworth itself and to raise more funds.  I am planning some publicity days, maybe at the Kenilworth Centre or in other venues, where I will simply set out my stall, literally and metaphorically, and try to present what I’m hoping to do.  This will include activities such as having a story session for young children, a book discussion session (very general, informal), maybe some competitions or a raffle, as well as some books for sale and definitely some cake!

I’m also hoping to start giving art history talks, which is what I’ve done for a living for numerous years now, but not recently…this is the sort of thing that would happen in the bookshop too, evening and weekend talks on arts, community and environmental topics.  These will be ticketed, also as a means of putting some money in the startup pot for The Tree House.

And I will set up a website and start selling online.  The plan remains very strongly to have a physical bookshop, as that is the most important aspect of this whole project, but until the right site materialises, there is no reason not to start an online shop (and sell through other online outlets, of course) – and online selling will be part of the business in the longer term in any case.  It’s a hard decision, though, because I want all the lovely stock I currently have to fill the shelves when that physical shop does appear!

So a few humble ideas, but I am hoping they will keep some momentum going.

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