A sign of faith – have to be positive!

treehouselogo-copy6.pngI now have another stamp – a bookplate stamp!  I will stamp all the books I sell with it, and have offered that anyone who donates £10 or more to the project will have their names in a number of books as a benefactor, so there is space for that too.

This is the stamp design.  It looks better stamped!  (There is no outline to the figure, for starters.)  And will of course be one colour (need to buy some different coloured ink pads – only have two colours at the moment!)  But I don’t have phone or camera to hand.

The Tree House Bookshop stamp copy

I love stamping things.  So now I will start sorting the books I’ve been given and stamping them…perhaps premature, since the whole thing is still touch and go, depending on where I can find premises…but it’s a sign of faith that it will happen.  It will.



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