All of us – including The Tree House Bookshop – need people who believe in us!

treehouselogo-copy6.pngAfter the setback of not getting the premises I was hoping for, I am now working on setting up some temporary solution(s) – maybe a day a week in a local venue to get things started, maybe a day a week in each of two or three local venues!  Apart from the effort of lugging lots of books around, it could be a great way to connect with people here in Kenilworth and start to get things off the ground while I wait for other premises to become available.

My pledge fund is growing (there’s also a link on the right hand side of this home page) – it would be lovely if people kept spreading the word.  I now have £150 pledged towards my target of £1000.  You can give anything from £10, with various rewards depending on the amount you pledge.

I’ve had amazing support, in all sorts of ways, and this really does keep me going.  Despite often feeling lately that it’s all vaguely impossible, I have never truly wanted to walk away from this project, but it would be much harder to keep the faith without the moral and practical support of other people, both those I know and those I don’t – Twitter has been fantastic, don’t let anyone tell you it’s a waste of time!

I am also continually inspired by other bookshops – do look at some of the links on the homepage to their websites.  And I never get tired of watching the Scarthin Books video:

I just need to find the right premises, and for someone (ie a landlord!) to put faith in the project and take a risk on what I and many others believe could be a wonderful asset to the town.

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