No news turned out to be bad news

treehouselogo-copy6.pngAfter a lengthy wait, I heard late this afternoon that I have been unsuccessful in acquiring the lease on the shop premises I wanted – a deal is going through as we speak with a business with stronger financial credentials.  I need more money!

A bit ironic, after a weekend when I had almost decided to put the whole project on hold anyway, for various reasons.  Now things really will have to be put on hold for a while, as there are no other affordable premises currently on the market.  I will keep looking, keep trying to bolster my finances, and keep looking for a temporary solution – it would be so good just to get started in some way.  If I can just get a foot on the ladder, I am sure I can make the business grow, and then I will be in a stronger position when further permanent premises become available.  There are some temporary options beginning to take shape, so am still hopeful that something can be established to get things off the ground.

Further delays, then, but please keep helping me to keep the faith!  The support I’ve had so far has been fantastic.  Click on the Pledges link on the right hand side of the home page if you feel you can make a contribution, or pass the link onto anyone you think may be interested in investing anything from £10 upwards.  I know it’s hard to commit to a project that is still looking for a home, but the greater my fund base, the better it looks to prospective landlords.

And I will try posting more interesting and inspiring things in the meantime!

2 thoughts on “No news turned out to be bad news

  1. So sorry to hear you did not get the premises Evie, I know you will be disappointed. After your weekend post, I’m so glad to see the project is not completely shelved. I wish there were more people trying to bring such ventures to life.


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