treehouselogo-copy6.pngWell, it’s been a tough old week.  I still have not heard anything about the shop premises I am hoping to secure, and after two weeks of silence, I can only suppose it won’t be good news when I do hear anything.  I know at least one other party is interested in the site, so I am assuming that it has been offered to them and I won’t have a definitive answer until that is resolved – speculation, I know, but I can’t think of any other reason why it would be taking so long to get back to me.  I have asked for information, but not received any.

It will be a blow if it falls through, as the site has just the sort of space I need.  There are other sites becoming vacant on the main road, but apart from the fact that they are unaffordable for my project, they don’t offer anything like the same potential in terms of the interior space, and I would have to amend what I hope to do at The Tree House.

I am also at the point where I have to start earning money myself – I have two part-time jobs that don’t pay the bills, and my savings are running out – I have put everything I have into The Tree House bar a small amount to try to keep me in my flat, but without extra income that won’t last much longer – three or four months at the most.

So if the bid for these premises does fall through, I will have to shelve my plans for The Tree House temporarily and find some more work, unless some other solution presents itself quickly – and believe me, I’m looking! I have also been ill this week – have not left the house nor seen another person in five days – so that has given me too much time to worry, and it’s good to be starting to feel better this morning!

But I have been concentrating on ideas for fundraising this week, to keep things positive.  The bottom line is, though, that without a shop, there is no Tree House.

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