Hurray for bookshops – and their imaginative owners!

TreeHouselogo copyHere is a wonderful little film about a secret bookshop in New York – not secret because the owner particularly wants it that way, but because it’s the way he has found to carry on being a bookseller, which is what he loves doing.  He says it’s not the big chains that have put independent and secondhand bookshops off the high streets, it’s the price of property – something I can now wholeheartedly endorse!  The cost of renting retail premises is very high.  He remains utterly inspiring though.


Others have found an equally inspiriting solution – they have opened bookshops in their own homes (again, these are all in America).  If I owned my own home, this is definitely what I would do, given the scarcity of affordable retail premises!  As a fan of the writing of Henry Miller, I would love to visit the bookshop in his name at Big Sur, but they all look inspiring.

Still no word on the premises for The Tree House, but it’s good to come across these people who have found innovative and imaginative ways of not being beaten by the economic climate and the lack of affordable retail spaces.  There is a light, as my theme song goes…

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