There’s a light…

TreeHouselogo copyA nailbiting week, and no resolution yet – all with regard to securing a lease on premises for The Tree House Bookshop.  It’s touch and go over the premises that I want, but I am hoping it won’t be too much longer before I hear whether I have been successful.  If this site falls through, it will be a big blow, as it really is a wonderful site for what I want to do, and there is nothing else affordable that I can find at the moment.  However, if I am unsuccessful, I will face that, and see about setting up some kind of temporary solution until another suitable property comes on the market.  I swing between an Eeyoreish tendency to fear the worst and a steely determination to be positive – not sure how those two things fit together into one personality, but let’s just say it can be exhausting being me!  And knowing me, as some of my friends would testify…

In the meantime, I have started to think about a fundraising day, and ideas are beginning to take shape for that.  Finding grants and other sources of funding has been difficult, though I’m probably just not very good at it; I will keep looking, but apart from raising funds, it would be great in any case to have a day to explain to people in Kenilworth what the shop will be and to begin to build on the enthusiastic response I have received so far and draw the community into the venture.  More details as and when!

So I am stalwartly singing (rather badly) my theme song, gazing adoringly at my new logo, continuing to meet with people and talk about how to develop things, and whether or not I get these particular premises that I am currently bidding for I know The Tree House Bookshop will happen, even if the when and where is still a little uncertain.  I hope to hear this coming week about the premises – you will know about it either way, of course!  Fingers still firmly crossed.

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