Every day should be world book day…

TreeHouselogo copyToday is officially World Book Day…but really every day should be world book day!  Books need to be indispensable to our lives – they are incredible powerhouses of all sorts of ideas, experiences, inspirations, warnings, imaginative explorations, a tool in the development of the potential of every individual and thus of society as a whole.  (The manifesto is developing…)

Hope everyone is reading something good today – and when you’ve read it, donate it to The Tree House so that others can read it!  I know we’re not actually trading yet, but the more stock we have, the more fabulous it will be when we do open.  Still watching the space re premises, but hoping something might be resolved soon one way or the other – may or may not get the premises I am currently negotiating on, but if not, will just have to find something else.

In the meantime – keep reading, and keep checking your shelves for any books you may want to give away for someone else’s benefit.  🙂

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