In need of a stress-buster…

mier_prod-1 blueAnother step forward yesterday, with a second viewing with the estate agent of the premises I would like to rent.  There are some issues – mainly that I need to convince those that need to be convinced that I am financially in a position to commit to a lease.  There was also much discussion about how to convert the interior space, and that has given me a lot to think about in terms of what I would need to do straight away, what could be left for a later stage, whether the different spaces within the premises would actually work for what I am hoping to do.

But I took my property adviser with me, and he too could see the potential despite the issues that need resolving, and while he is anxious to help me remove the rose-tinted spectacles with which I have been viewing the whole thing, he was essentially positive, which is encouraging.

It was so helpful to have a second look around, and to discuss some of the details of the space with two experienced property specialists.  I now need to work on raising as many funds as I can (share option getting close now – watch this space!) and the property adviser will negotiate with the estate agent over the rent.

I am going through a period of major stress, needless to say, juggling different aspects, struggling through financial paperwork, biting my fingernails over whether or not I have a property to move into, whether I have enough money, what I will need to do to the premises and how much it will all cost.  I can’t open a bank account until the business has an address and a start date.  What keeps me going is that I know I only have to go through all of this once, when it’s done it will be done!  But it is stressful at the moment.  Perhaps it was the wrong time to join WeightWatchers… 🙂

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