More small steps, and Walker Percy

mier_prod-1 greenSo – having registered the company, I have now set up a domain name, and am in the process of building a website.  I love all these little steps forward.

I also have another appointment to go and view the premises I am hoping to rent, this time with a property adviser.  It will be good to see it again, and continue to think about how to use the space.  If this does not happen, I will definitely set up temporary, part-time trading in a space that is available cheaply, so that I can start to get things off the ground and publicise the venture in Kenilworth, until different premises can be found.  But I am hoping this one will work out, as both the space itself and the location seem right for what I want.

I am more excited than I sound!  Trying to be sensible and a bit cautious, so that I am not too disappointed if things don’t go to plan…

Once I have published the website I will also be able to start looking into selling books online, which is something I hope to do alongside the physical shop.

Meanwhile, and to make this blog post vaguely more interesting, I am reading The Moviegoer by Walker Percy, American novel published in 1961, I think, and it’s very good.  I have been meaning to read Walker Percy for years, though didn’t really know what to expect – glad finally to be reading him now.  Hope you are all reading something groovy!

4 thoughts on “More small steps, and Walker Percy

    • I realise that online selling may need to wait until I’ve got things established…think I need to focus on the basics at the moment!


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