Learning to stay calm

mier_prod-1 blueI knew when I got to this stage things would seem quite scary!  I have a sheaf of paperwork to read regarding the structure and accounts of The Tree House Bookshop, and my brain struggles to understand such things as fully as it needs to.  So my instinct is to panic – what if I can’t do this, how do I do that, how much of the other is possible…and so on.  I need to be a juggler, and I have never been very co-ordinated.  Women are supposed to be able to multi-task, aren’t they?  I think I missed out on that particular female gene.

Yet it really is about staying calm – easy to say, but in fact also fairly easy to do.  Dwell on what can be done, not on what seems impossible.  I can ask my accountant to clarify issues, for example, and demystify the terminology.  The words themselves are not difficult, it’s they way they are put together, and the sense of what might happen to me if I do something wrong.

So I need a clear plan of action, including working out what I still don’t understand and who I can go to for help.  I have made a list of what needs to be done, in the order it needs to be done, and that has already made things clearer and made me feel less panic-stricken and overwhelmed.  (I have a list-making friend who will be so proud!)   I have good advisers on my side and at the end of a phone or an email.  I have to accept that some things are within my control and some things aren’t – if someone else snaps up the premises I have set my heart on, I will just have to find somewhere else.  I will cry (it’s perfect!), but I will find somewhere else.  I will also do everything I can to secure it, though!

This is all a process, a set of procedures, that only has to be gone through once – that’s the thing to keep in mind.  The next few weeks will be tricky, but everything will get done and be paid for, and at the end of it is a little secondhand bookshop with its heart in the community.

That’s when the truly hard work will begin!

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