mier_prod-1 greenToday has been exciting – I have now received the certificate of corporation for The Tree House Bookshop Ltd, and all the paperwork connected with the newly formed company.  I can now open a business account at the bank, and start inviting potential investors to purchase shares.  I saw a solicitor this morning, and she has guided me through what will happen in terms of getting a lease on a property – hopefully the property I already have my eye on, and which is being negotiated for me by a property adviser – and what else needs to be done in practical terms.  It all sounds like a list of procedures that amount to little more than formalities, but I may be a little naive in that respect!

Naive or not, the reality of opening this secondhand bookshop and all the other things it will involve seems to be getting pretty close.  Today is the anniversary of the birth of Galileo, and it does feel as though the cosmos is in a particularly good mood!  My little corner of it, at least…I don’t mean to sound smug.

It has been one of the best days of my life really – not only have I become the director of an incorporated business that I believe will be something really wonderful, but against the odds I secured tickets to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in the autumn (their tickets sell out in minutes – click on that link to see why!  God is in the House…).  I have what promises to be a luscious bottle of Argentinian Malbec from Kenilworth Wines to celebrate!


4 thoughts on “Celebrate!

  1. Yay! Fabulous news! 🙂 And tickets to see the wonderful Nick Cave too! Hooray for Galileo and the cosmos – and well done, Victoria! Enjoy this special day – and your wine and celebrations!


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