A time for passion

mier_prod-1 greenThe point has come where, as a friend said recently, I now have to take the leap.  It’s been so much fun planning, thinking things through, developing ideas, finding the perfect premises, having meetings with interested people who can help me, and basking in the enthusiasm of friends and pretty much everyone I’ve talked to.  Now I have to do the grown-up bits – all the legal, financial and other business stuff.  I’m feeling a bit dizzy.

But I have all the people I need, and now just need to organise myself – accountant, solicitor, wonderful property adviser and negotiator, and am on the verge of registering my business.  When that is done, I will be able to set up a bank account and start accumulating funds. So watch this space re the launching of shares…

But it’s a juggling act to get everything done in the right order, or in an order where it all dovetails and brings about the result I want – a little secondhand bookshop that people will love and where they can come to browse, relax, write, think, to hear talks and music, learn crafts, watch films, hear stories, meet each other.  People of all ages and backgrounds.

It’s this vision (and a lovely, particularly supportive friend!) that is keeping me going through the scary times, the sleepless nights, the sense of unreality that someone like me can be doing this.

The path is a little stony at the moment, and is winding its way uphill after a good stretch on the flat, but at least it’s a clear path with an end in sight.  And the view is generally better from the top of a hill.

The passion remains undimmed!

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