A steady climb

mier_prod-1 greenWell, today has been quite a day – meetings with a property adviser and with a business account manager at the bank.  Both were enthusiastic, kind and fabulously helpful.  Somehow I feel drained this evening though – inevitably, I suppose, now that the harsh reality of getting together all the financial, legal and other business aspects is becoming more critical.  Ideas are fun, planning is fun, the excitement is undimmed – but I now feel as though I am about to scale the north face of the Eiger, though I know the view will be worth it when I get there!

At least after today I know what I have to do, in much clearer terms than I did before, and if I take it a step at a time I am sure I can succeed.  Some juggling will be necessary, there are undoubtedly scary times ahead, but there is no reason at all why the venture can’t get off the ground.  Everything will find its form, as a dear friend always says!

I am still feeling humbled and happy that so many people are supporting this project in different ways, from simply expressing encouragement to helping me to obtain premises, from offering to sort books to getting together their mates to help get the site in order when we get that far, and all sorts of other things.  So I am still feeling the love, and that plus my unquenchable passion for the project will, I know, help me up that rockface to the summit!

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