Exciting times!

mier_prod-1 greenExciting times!  I have now seen inside the premises I mentioned the other day, and they are more than perfect…could not have hoped for anything better.  The potential for my bookshop and community space is enormous.  Now I need to sort out all the practicalities – business stuff, financial, legal – daunting but has to be done, and will all be more than worth it I know.  I am so excited about the premises I have found.

So I will now be looking into the co-operative scheme with greater urgency – a significant amount has already been pledged by those interested, but there is plenty of time to get involved!  Just keep an eye on the Buy shares tab.

If I can secure this site, there will be space for all sorts of things.  On top of the list of things I posted the other day, I will be in need of tables and chairs, maybe unwanted board games and jigsaw puzzles, children’s chairs or bean bags; nothing needs to match, in fact I would much prefer it if it didn’t!

It’s this sort of planning that keeps me going, and will keep me going through what I know will be difficult and/or stressful times ahead, sorting out the finances and the legal practicalities!  Once I have secured my premises – which I know I will, they are too perfect to lose – I will collate the list of what will be needed, in case anyone has stuff to give away!  I’m a cheapskate…but it’s all in a great cause!

In the meantime, will carry on enjoying my walnut bread from fabulous local bakery Crustum – do watch the short video linked on the homepage here to see the lovely Nick talking about his bakery.  You will feel inspired – and hungry!

6 thoughts on “Exciting times!

  1. Thank you so much! Still a way to go, but getting there. Any vote for the need for second-hand bookshops is encouraging. Thanks for looking at the blog and posting a comment!


  2. Fabulous latest developments! You – and the whole project – are an inspiration! 🙂

    I’d really like to help out with spreading the word, and have been preparing a post to put up on my blog to point any visitors in this direction. I think that the folk who drop by my blog would be really inspired by this too. Would it be okay for me to quote a couple of paragraphs from one of your earlier posts – to give people an initial idea of what the Tree House is about, before they head on over here…?


  3. Melanie, thanks so much – please quote away! All publicity is good. I am heartened by so much enthusiasm from all sorts of people – meetings tomorrow with a couple of key people too, so hoping things will continue to move forwards. Thank you again!


    • 🙂 Will get the post sorted out and published as soon as poss! So great to hear that you’re meeting with so much enthusiasm – it’s such a fabulous venture! Good luck with your meetings tomorrow!



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