It will happen!

stampHere is a blurry photo of the rubber stamp I mentioned the other day, which arrived this morning.  Sorry it’s blurred – hand shaking with excitement!  I ordered a traditional one rather than a clicky one, partly because I find them more satisfying to use, but also because it means I can use different colours easily.

Did I mention that I love stamping things?!

So, I have books, I have enthusiastic supporters, I have found perfect premises, and I have a stamp – now all I need is the funds!  Minor detail.  Oh, and the ability to work through all the legal and practical stuff that needs to be put in place.  It will happen!

Since I wrote the above earlier this morning, I have set up a couple more meetings with people keen to help with the practicalities I am dreading.  I am, for some reason, bowled over by how kind and friendly and supportive people are – I suppose I assume the business world to be cold and uncaring, but that has not been my experience so far!

It will happen!

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