A chance to invest in an exciting new community venture!

mier_prod-1 (2)As I get closer to making this small but exciting venture happen, I am now at the point of raising finances for it.  One way I plan to do this is to launch the bookshop as a co-operative scheme, where people would invest by buying shares.  I am sorting out the practical and legal side of this, but would like to know what interest there would be for this.  If you are interested at all, there is more information on the Buy Shares tab, including details of how to get in touch with me.

I have found a site that I think would be perfect, though have only seen it from the outside – a proper viewing is being arranged.  But it’s another thing that’s brought the venture one step closer – even if not this site, then somewhere else, and I want to have some finance in place, at least on paper!

So I would be very grateful if anyone interested would take the time to send me a quick email – would help to know what sort of investment you would consider making (ie how many shares).  No commitment, of course, but just so that I can see what level of interest there is.

Thank you!

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